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  GFX requests
Posted by: _abstract_ - 06-15-2020, 03:33 PM - Forum: Member Contests - No Replies

If somebody needs some graphic work done I will be more than happy to help
since I am just a beginner I will gladly do small gfx requests free of charge, but if you want a bigger project we can make a deal for a free fee, considering you paying a very little amount upfront (incase you don't like the final outcome, i dont want to waste hours of my time for nothing).
pm me here I will reply back with my email (will probably reply slow, im not gonna log in here often due to obvious reasons)

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  Scammers and more scammers
Posted by: Nipperco - 06-05-2020, 10:33 PM - Forum: The Lounge - Replies (5)

We all turn to this kind of service sooner or later because we are in debt or some kind of trouble. It's pretty hard to find a legit vendor. I don't understand why there are so many scammers. They don't care if you are in trouble and might see no other way out, they run off with your bitcoins. I have debts to pay too, and not by my own doing. I have tried a few carders, but they proved to be all scammers. I hate these kind of people! They have no heart, they are just the scum of the earth. When I saw a movie of this shadow zone forum on YouTube, I decided to join and if it's fine with the admin(s), I want to put a list here of the biggest scammers on-line. There are quite a few. The reason for listing them would be as a warning to people to not pay these scammers as they will run off with your bitcoins. I still have to find a legit service and maybe he is on this forum. Know that as soon as I find the time, I'll post a video of all those scammers on YouTube and when removed, will keep reposting it, again and again!

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Posted by: Omnipotent - 04-25-2020, 03:36 PM - Forum: News and Updates - No Replies

We are deeply saddened of what is happening in the world right now, and as a part of an ethical hacking team we are beyond grateful that we have the opportunity to help so many people. My thoughts are with everyone who has lost someone they love due to this invisible enemy, and please acknowledge that you are not alone. It's okay to feel down, sad, weird, depressed. We have never faced anything like this but it is mandatory to remember - this is only temporary. It will take a while for things to go back to normal, however, this too shall pass.

Anyways, I wanted to pinpoint Vantablack's update on his transfers. You can read the original comment in his sales thread. Click here.

(04-25-2020, 03:30 PM)Vantablack Wrote: Hello everyone, hope you are doing well in these difficult times.
It's not easy right now, the world is facing something we have never faced before, and every generation is affected by ongoing changes in our daily lifestyle. One of the biggest problems right now is financial-wise, and that is the current unemployment rate. This has skyrocketed not only in the USA, but worldwide. I have not been available to do transfers for the past couple of weeks because I was helping my local communities.
Having played a major part in charity work, it is time for me to take some rest and #stayhome.
Which means, the transfers are now once again available.

I've made a few drastic changes however. The world is not the same as it was 3 months ago, and so my way of doing these transfers has also changed. From today, 25th of April:

- I will temporarily stop doing transfers to most old customers. I have gone through my total transfer list and have noticed that old customers have received a significant amount of money and it would be selfish of me to keep sending transfers to them. That being said, from today, I will ONLY do transfers for new members.
- How does that affect the continuity of transfers? So, as I've said, old customers cannot buy transfers until further notice. If you are a new customer and wish to purchase, you can only do it once and will not be able to do it anytime soon, until this crisis calms down. So choose carefully which offer you are going to purchase depending on your needs.

- I have a unique method on how I choose when you can buy more transfers after your initial purchase and it depends on quite a few factors. However, if you would like to get a little speed-up and get ahead in the waiting line: you can enter the following reward program:


It has become quite difficult to advertise this site knowing there are hundreds of scammers with fake accounts reporting our Advertisement Teams' videos. However, one thing that does not break YouTube's TOS is testimonials from users. The way our AT worked is encouraging people to trust me, they did a detailed analysis of my website, listing all of the reasons why am I legit. This breaks YouTube's terms of service, however if you are simply a customer and you are posting your testimonial, it is allowed on YT and will not get taken down no matter how many times someone reports your video.
Any customer can do this, all they have to do instead of posting a photographic proof, they will make a short video consisting of:

- Showing the most important messages of our conversation
- Showing the MTCN code and tracking it on the WU website (I will now be sending MTCN codes and pickup info such as name,surname,country in separate messages so you don't have to work on editting the video to blur out the pick-up info)
- Showing a short message in notepad that the transfer was bought through this site (WWW.SHADOWZONE.TECH) by VANTABLACK.

You are not only getting ahead in the waiting line, but you are also helping other people who are desperately looking a way to get out of financial crisis, by advertising us. The more spotlight we get on YouTube, the more people will come to me and get help. You're doing a good cause Smile

- The discounted transfer that started in March ($175 ----> $1000) is STILL AVAILABLE however A LIMITED NUMBER.
- Discounts usually last up to a week maximum, however due to the current situation you can still purchase it.
- Regular prices stay the same as in my thread ($300 - $1500 ||| $500 - $3000 ||| $700 - $5000 ||| $1000 - $10000)

- Vantablack

I would also like to add that is is MANDATORY that you send the video to both of us so we can check if everything follows our regulations, and if we accept your video, you are eligible for his reward system.

Don't go hard on yourselves during these times. Take this time off to re-connect with yourselves and your loved ones.
Stay strong, stay positive, stay home.

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  my guess (probably correct)
Posted by: GlassCastle - 12-05-2019, 12:12 PM - Forum: The Lounge - Replies (2)

Well before buying the wu service here i have done a lot of research about this because I would never risk my money on something I'm not sure about.. one concern about this forum from several people was that this forum rarely has any people online or posting anywhere other than vantablack's thread. 
well my guess about this is SAFETY. you may have noticed vanta telling all buyers (including me) that all further deals are done through protected emails... which means people should not keep coming to these forums due to their own safety.. I bought only once and still have not received instructions on how to proceed, but this is probably because a month hasn't passed since I bought, so im patiently waiting for it.
I probably shouldn't be here lol but I just wanted to share my two cents on this, as I want to help the hesitant people in making the right decision

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  [24/11/2019] BIGGEST UPDATE!
Posted by: Omnipotent - 11-24-2019, 11:01 PM - Forum: News and Updates - No Replies

Hello to all, hope you were doing well while we were away Tongue

I've decided to make a big update to the forums, it was getting old, flooded with spam bots and it was time for a change, so here is what we have new:

  • Completely new theme and logo
  • Fully improved forum security - you are now anonymous and safe!
  • New smilies added
  • Different usergroup legend display
  • Improved anti-spam system
  • Temporarily disabled reputation system, will be adding a new one soon
  • Overall updated forum version
  • Fixed randomly logging out issue
  • Fixed unable to login ''Authorization code mismatch'' issue when logging in from a different advice.
  • Improved look on mobile phones
  • Stabilization issues
  • Other small bugs

From Vantablack's side:

  • Retrieved more than 95% percent of the missing proofs. At first only TinyPic images were wiped, however later on every proof got somehow deleted. Only the last few proofs were impossible to fix.
  • Improved thread design
  • Small changes to the thread

Stay tuned to more, and feel free to report any bugs or issues Smile

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  Hi !!
Posted by: N1C0T1N3 - 10-19-2019, 03:35 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (3)

You can just call me nico! I saw this website on a youtube video, and saw some very good reviews, so ill be giving this a try.... well... u already know what ;Wink

Hoping for a good outcome

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  Bitcoin will break the ATH by the end of 2019.
Posted by: HyperUltraSonic - 08-10-2019, 04:19 PM - Forum: Cryptocurrencies - Replies (1)

Mark my words. 

I know this forum is kinda inactive but I've been hearing the movement going on and I've been a regular user of the WU services provided here so even if one person finds this helpful it will make my day.
If you are have bitcoins/planning to invest/planning to panic-sell... just hold it. It will break the all time high in late november-mid december.

Feel free to PM so I can elaborate some points to back up my statements >:]

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  Joining the movement!
Posted by: TheTrinity - 08-08-2019, 11:14 AM - Forum: Introductions - No Replies

Hopefully..if all goes well i am excited to be a part of this

God bless u all

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  Shadow Zone Advertisement Team || Who Are We?
Posted by: Dave - 12-16-2018, 06:37 PM - Forum: News and Updates - Replies (2)

Hello to all.
We are Shadow Zone's Advertisement Team.
My name is Dave and my assistant is Sarah.

We are a young team who were looking to work as advertiser's on a particular business. Our views were mostly directed at mainstream marketing websites.
However, after further inspection, we have decided to apply to work here after realizing some things. Having to try this website's services and confirm it's legitimacy, we have decided to give back and spread word about this.

We are now proud to be able to help this amazing website and be a part of a very noble case. People need to realize that they are not alone, there are always people to help.
Our main goal is to spread awareness about its website, and to enlighten many people in need. Together we will make this world a better place. Step by step. We can't change everyone's lives, but we can save an individual life. Person by person. We can do it!

We are now taking over youtube advertisement videos and making something new soon!

Happy to be a part of this.
Dave & Sarah.

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  Shadow Zone Is Back as of 16th December!
Posted by: Omnipotent - 12-16-2018, 06:04 PM - Forum: News and Updates - No Replies

As stated in the title, we are back as of today.
Being warned multiple times by myself and Vantablack, not to come here to waste time with the goal of closing us and entertaining yourself, Vantablack has decided to permanently close his service, therefore resulting in the forum being closed, because the main reason this forum is active is the service.

However, since the forum closed we have been getting flooded with messages to return. People were in desperate need more than ever to earn some money, and after a very long time thinking and sorting things out, we have decided to return.

Changes have made to the forum:
-Advertisement Team has been added. It now consists of 2 members who are responsible for spreading the word about us.
-Advanced security system has been integrated to prevent bots.
-Updated overall forum system.
-More powerful ban system has been added.
-Added 'last purchase notice' in the Marketplace.
-Removed 'Contributer' status.
-Improved forum speed and reliability.
-Minor bug fixes.

More to be added soon.
More info will be in Vantablack's thread.


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