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*IMPORTANT* SCAMMING WEBSITE ALERT - <---- - Omnipotent - 04-18-2021

The following website:

They are stealing proofs from Vantablack's Western Union Transfer Service

If you look closely, they are taking MTCN codes from Vanta's buyers and then creating fake accounts claiming they bought from 'Alpha'. Alpha is an alleged seller found in the 'Trusted' market.
Every MTCN code that they stole from here is clearly posted after the codes were posted as proofs here. It doesn't take much common sense to see it is a clear scam.

Ofcourse this is not the only scamming website, and probably not the only one stealing proofs from here. I will try to update this thread if people report more scammers. 

RE: *IMPORTANT* SCAMMING WEBSITE ALERT - <---- - Omnipotent - 05-03-2021


They have deleted some proofs and tracking codes after we have exposed them, but it seems that they have started stealing the proofs once again. I will keep you guys updated - and I will try to take some measures regarding this case. Stay safe!

RE: *IMPORTANT* SCAMMING WEBSITE ALERT - <---- - Omnipotent - 05-07-2021

I will be backing up my statements with proofs very soon.

Security measures have been implemented in the forum recently. Full thread coming soon..