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Refund Policy
Shadow Zone has started in October 2017.
In the marketplace you will find the Verified Seller's section and the Unverified Seller's section.

All deals completed in the Unverified Seller's section ARE AT YOUR OWN RISK and you will not be reimbursed. Be careful who you deal with.
The Verified Seller's Section is risk-free, and you can deal with confidence in the mentioned section. In case something goes wrong (like an exit-scam, which is highly unlikely to happen), you are covered and will receive a full refund if you have proofs that you have been scammed.

To apply for Verified status you need to send your own application via private messaging and pay a $500.00 fee.

EDIT: There were only a few vendors in the unverified section who exit-scammed after a few months of successful deals. They have been removed from the forum. If anyone has something to offer, you are free to post it in this section.


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