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Great Vibes Everybody
Hi, Im Wachuma. 

I've heard about this forum on youtube, and came around to check it out. So far i'd like to say that its great to see something that looks legit. I've been roaming the darknet looking for some financial assistance. Therefore I've already been scammed in the past. Sure there are many websites that offer financial products, but so far this is the first site I've seen offer help, it truly seems like Vantablack is not here for the money but for the people. Which is something that clearly is lacking in our society. Hope Im not making a mistake assuming this, I've seen the feedback and will be purchasing at the end of the month. 
I'll leave some feedback about my experience then Smile 

best regards
welcome buddy to this place. I have replied to u, u might want to check ur email Wink

Sending good vibes !
hi i am new here aswell happy to be
let us know how it goes if you buy Wachuma my dude please, oh and welcome !

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