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Proofs / Vouches / Testimonials (WU Transfers) - ALL IN ONE PLACE!
As of now, there are over 25 pages of vouches, proofs and testimonials of my Western Union Flip Service in my sales thread. To make it easier for newcomers to see all needed proof to purchase, I have gathered all the vouched replies, categorized them and will post them here with a much better layout.


This is just the place for proofs. All of these were original replies are in my sales thread, sorted by date, and you can take a look at it HERE
Click on 'HERE' - That is the official sales thread of my WU Flip Transfers. You can find every needed detail there starting from how it's done, my pricelist, discounts, terms of use, payment methods, explanations, vouches etc.

Here is another important link of the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
And another recent thread - 3 years of Shadow Zone!



(06-06-2018, 01:59 PM)JimTheGymMan Wrote: I'm just gonna leave this here as a BIG VOUCH AND THANKS!

NOTE: I deleted the message where I sent my email to him so nobody can see it.


And the day after I picked it up ! The regular WU tracking website did not work for me for some reason, so I tried an alternative, but it is still the

official WU website. You can try and track it !

[Image: 4ZhuSFy.png]
(04-29-2020, 05:24 PM)SLR33 Wrote:

Hey! I hope everything is ok with the video Vanta and admin.
I bought his discount offer. i paid him 175 in bitcoin i got 1000 in western union about 45 minutes after sending him bitcoin. im really happy i found you, like I said in private am not ashamed to say it out loud me and my husband both lost our jobs with 2 kids and in a rented apartment so we desperately needed this. $1000 is so much help for us, thank you God bless you are a gift from Heaven!
(05-19-2020, 10:49 AM)lasersniper Wrote: EDIT: my vid got removed!! **ck youtube Angry  I will reupload very soon. stay tuned, the MTCN was 624-849-2817, €2300 or $2500.
EDIT 2: I reuploaded again, and I have made a gif of the tracking at the end incase it gets removed again

Hello everyone

i have finally finished and uploaded my video of the purchase I made from vantablack a while ago.¨(REUPLOADED A NEW ONE)

As someone who has used western union a lot of times (this was my only time I haven't been scammed), i would like to take note (to help someone who will be seeing this in the future).. this transfer was made almost 2 months ago, and the mtcn code is still trackable (you can see the amount aswell in the video, 2300 eur/2500 usd transfered), however in a month or two the code won't be able to be tracked due to WU deleting the codes/transfers from their system after a while..

Here is a gif incase the vid gets taken down again
[Image: Hnet-image25b258810fb9a966.gif]

thanks again Vanta for everything, I am patiently waiting for when I can purchase again, pls don't forget about me im really in the midst of a crisis.

Video above got deleted from YouTube but you can still watch it here:
(06-05-2020, 03:58 PM)rahmokashashsalla Wrote: God bless
i was recording when i got a notification about the message. i wanted to have it with me in case i want to post a proof and i decided to share my story. (i also recorded the whole convo in case i get scammed i wanted to help people not get scam, but everything is good, vantablack is an awesome man sent from god himself)

Thank very much for the transfer bro







If you go to the official WU website and track the given code.. u can see it is picked up!

Vantablack u are a brother to me now! Heart




(04-05-2021, 11:24 AM)copykat Wrote: I just uploaded my video to youtube and its time to post here too.

in short, not want to repeat what many users said. I completed my first deal with vantablack and recently he has confirmed a new schedule (when I can buy again).
I post my proof in the youtube video. i used coronavirus discount and bought the cheapest offer and that was the only one I could afford. i even struggled to make that money i put all my money at stake and risk in vantas hands and it was the best decision.
this was posted so many times I see now but i dont know what else to write. Watch the video and i hope you get the help if you need it!

[Image: eEJ1n68.png]

[Image: epkcIiY.png]

i post video on 1 more site in case something happens on youtube

thank you for reading!

thank you shadow zone!

(01-22-2022, 11:11 AM)ONLY_ARMADA Wrote: Heyyy everyoneeeee Big GrinDD

Ok, so in November I completed my first western union money transfer with Vanta but I forgot to post anything. I deleted all my messages but I found a video on my old hard drive when I opened the message and tracked the transfer.

________ Watch this video here: ________


Now after few months passed i was able to get another transfer from Vanta and it was completed yesterday morning

[Image: hf4scqY.png]

This one you CAN track Wink))

I posted vouch because I see not many people posting any proofs anymore, and a lot of proofs is exactly what helped me trust this service and buy, so I hope I help someone with my reply here, Vanta can be trusted and if you really need money for something then give this man a shot =)


(04-18-2018, 01:49 PM)dado Wrote: [Image: LQgoesw.png]

I trusted Vantablack even on the third new forum, his past proofs look very legitimate, unlike anything I have ever seen before, I immediately went for 500 for 3000! Worked, this vendor is legit!

For people asking mtcn : ANONIMITY>EVERYTHING ELSE.

(04-19-2018, 06:32 AM)mandana123 Wrote: Blessing to Vantablack! Helped me in my worst times, first deal done, many more to come! Thanks!

[Image: cPszupr.png]

(04-22-2018, 05:33 PM)MercedeS Wrote: Hi all, I want to inform everyone that suprisingly the deal went without problems. Vantablack respected and did as promised, paid my money with WU and now I am out of my mind because this is seriously amazing! Thank you publically VANTA

[Image: w45tAAN.png]

(05-02-2018, 07:39 PM)CrossingALine Wrote: [Image: 2xRTKPg.png]

Fuck yes! Hyped right now! Thanks my nigga!
lets go against all, fuck them all, we and u can continue business only! Thanks again man!!!

(05-02-2018, 09:22 PM)sandcastle Wrote:
(05-02-2018, 07:39 PM)CrossingALine Wrote: Fuck yes! Hyped right now! Thanks my nigga!
lets go against all, fuck them all, we and u can continue business only! Thanks again man!!!

Wtf man, how selfish can you be?! Don't abuse the service and let other people get help too! How did Vantablack even allow this?

Anyways, still hats down for Vantablack, as he just gave me hope to life again. Turned 500 into 3000!

[Image: XFAK1Fg.jpg]

(05-06-2018, 12:36 PM)doodlelord Wrote: $300 to $1500 done!

This is my first deal w/ Vantablack and these are the results! Phenonemal, no words for this! Decided to take a leap of faith and this is what happened, big thanks, big success! As a little help to others, I decided to show the MTCN ! Enjoy guys and have a good life!

[Image: LpdOVWI.png]

[Image: 7xyuRr.gif]

(05-15-2018, 06:39 PM)Pika00 Wrote: Vouch for Vantablack. Just got back home from the WU shop Smile Cant believe stuff like this actually work.. everything explained in the pic sending good thoughts to everyone peacee

[Image: US2Dsax.png]

(05-19-2018, 11:46 AM)Mike_shinoda Wrote: Big hello to everyone, its really amazing to see this start from the bottom and still going strong
Anyways, I've come back to post something on this forum
Today I've earned my first $100,000 over the course of 7 months! I was the first one to take a leap of faith ever with Vantablack after being late for the 10 test transfers (they were brand new so this was to prove themselves) !
You already know the whole story, there are over 70 vouches so theres no need to go any further, its all crystal clear!
I'll be finally moving out from my rent house and buying a smaller but very decent house from the money I've made, yes you can go this far with wu transfers! so happy for everyone who had the courage to try this out and am hoping more and more people get help!

1) We are dealing over email!
2) Heres a little throwback to my first deal back in october 2017! Big Grin

[Image: rHT0mTB.png]

[Image: HWpYfoZ.png]

(05-31-2018, 09:53 AM)DVLM Wrote: I wanted to post a unique vouch and something different than others but everyone wrote every possible vouch so..


[Image: LxX0AjC.png]

(05-31-2018, 10:09 PM)pinkrain Wrote: Yo ShadowZoners I just got home from WU and picked up my $500!

[Image: u57S6Eb.png]

Thank you to the sky for this vantablack !

(06-01-2018, 02:34 PM)Phant0m Wrote: JUST PICKED UP $500 FROM VANTABLACK!

[Image: xQbqWdQ.png]

(06-03-2018, 05:20 PM)ahmadasraf1989 Wrote: thank you BOSS VANTABLACK ...

[Image: yeV9Xl5.png]

(06-28-2018, 01:22 PM)vultureau Wrote: I just completed a deal with Vanta who now saved me and my closest ones from getting evicted! 300 for 1500

Deal was completed in no more than 2 hours total, of which it took 30 minutes to get my mtcn from him and pick it up immediately, no problems or whatsoever, im still abit shocked from all this excitement. Heres some proof to help hesitant new-comers, as certainly all the proof past members have been posting have been of huge help to me in taking this step

[Image: osg09xZ.png]

[Image: rGAifQL.png]

(07-09-2018, 05:39 PM)WC2018 Wrote: Vantablack sent me my western union transfer order today i am genuinely happy Smile

[Image: F3Q79uS.png]

will do business again soon

(07-13-2018, 09:08 PM)whitetiger0 Wrote: Vantablack is a big man and great hacker, and this pictures proves it!

[Image: 4Gg1UEm.png]

(07-18-2018, 11:00 PM)phenomenal12 Wrote: vantablack is my saviour .. thats all I will say with this great pic Big Grin

[Image: yqRG9CM.png]

(07-20-2018, 06:51 PM)Ragstoriches Wrote: Took a screenshot of this when it came, I was refreshing the page every second xD
It was totally worth the stress, thank you Vanta

[Image: vogcVBb.png]

(07-28-2018, 10:59 PM)xyanon56 Wrote: Hi people on Shadow Zone, I already thought for certain I was scammed, I was so heartbroken because for some reason Vanta didnt reply me after I sent my WU details, i tried emailing him too but no message but then he sent my transfer. Im so relieved and happy right now no words can describe it thanks man

[Image: 657sBtY.png]

(08-23-2018, 01:12 PM)Denaro Wrote: [Image: LELZ.png]

Although I thought three times before buying, and almost cancelling the whole thing before sending him the money, I did not regret anything! ^^
Bought $500 for $3000. Put it all in btc to reinvest, thank you vanta

[Image: p1111.png]

(09-02-2018, 03:36 PM)lastresort1 Wrote: Hello to all old users and upcoming members of this beautiful forum.. first of all I want to say sorry if I make some mistakes in this post, my english is not the best and I am still not fully able to write properly but i will do my best
I want to share with you all my first experience with the western union service done by vantablack
A little background story, I'm only 20 years old, I wanted to go to college but could not afford it, I needed to work to help my parents and to somehow make a living.. my mom works but my dad cant as he is too old, he only helps other people here and then for money. WE live in a rent flat, relatively small but somewhat enough for us 3 to live in it. atleast we had a shelter, cant complain there are much worse situations out there. we never ate fancy food never went on fandy trips, i know many of you who take time to read this can relate.. just surviving, not living life as it should be done. i eventually lost all my friends because I also have depression, and also I never would have time or money to just enjoy and atleast forget about problems for a few hours.
ok so fast forward, I live in a city where there are many tourists over the summer, and most rent flats are only over autumn,winter and spring then people have to move out so that tourists can be there while summer, thats how selfish landlords earn the most money. so i was just comng back from my second work and got the news that we either have to move out when its summer (that would mean be homeless for 3 months, we have nowhere to live and our country doesnt take care of people like us) or that our monthly rent price would be ALOT higher... we had no other choice but to go for the second option thinking we can endure it all. i said ill work hard my mum will get some side job .. but i got fired from my second job (one is in a shop, stacking items and cleaning and the second is working on buildings - i dont kow how to say this,  like passing bricks, stacking them, generally just helping, it requires a lot of strength) and thats when things went downhill.. we wouldnt have enough money to pay even rent, but where is the food?? our lives automatically became a living nightmare, I tried everything to get some money but no luck, it only brought me more desperation and worries..
So in my free time since I have no friends I love exploring the internet, finding new ways to earn and I know there are alot of blackhat methods online, softwares, referalls etc. I am aware that many of these are scams. I also know a thing or two about technology and I am always 100% cautious of where I put my money, especially when every dollar is valuable.. I tried getting manipulated football matches where the result is 100% like that,  so i could bet and eventually win some money, but comments on those were not so good so I ran away from that.. I found WU transfers, since I found the term 'money flipping' (invest 100 get 1000 etc.) i knew it was just another scam, well thats atleast what i thought.. I just found it funny that some people fall for it, I mean why would people who find exploits in some sites which can make them rich sell them to random people online for a funny low price.. I just kept looking for more sellers and just laugh at their advertisements which was an obvious scam. Eventually I found Vantablack's page on youtube. The forum looks fancy and well organized, written and coded by someone who knows english (not like other sellers who cant even make a proper sentence) so I decided to dig deeper in this forum. I watched all the videos, checked every proof, every vouch and post by users and it was all still good to be true. Well sure it got me interested because I never seen proof like this before but I still didnt trust this. I read his second post, the one where he explains how it works, why he does it etc. and it really really got me thinking hard.. it makes sense you know. Its not a bug or exploit in western union, which would be impossible to get because WU is a big thing and it wouldnt be that easy to hack in.. hes getting peoples credit card and bank information through the deep web, from people who are bad,killers,criminals etc. but still what if its just a very good trick?
These were all my thoughts that were going through my head, i just couldnt stop thinking about it hours and even days afterwards. I kept reading new posts,new proofs, I checked the new MTCN codes and everything was good. I haven't found any flaw in the work..
eventually I contacted some buyers who told me some stuff I didn't know, and it got me even more interested in buying it.
the lowest was $300 I had to pay, which was way too much for me, so even if I somewhat did trust this, I could not afford it. Few days later I come back to check the site and saw the discount, but fucking I didnt even have half for it. I was so angry that a discount comes but even then I cant afford to buy and help my family not go homeless! that day was living hell I was so depressed,angry and desperate man I really wanted to buy to finally afford a better life but every solution seemed out of reach.. I couldnt sleep that night so my last desperate move was to sell some old electronics I had laying around. It doesnt have a big value but for me it does.. I'm a sentimental person and old stuff that I used before means alot to me.. I sold them in tears of bitter depression, and I went on the forum to have one last long look over everything, and I messaged Vantablack. He wasn't online for 4 hours straight and all I was doing was chcking for his response and so. I had to go do some work for a neighbour for money and I was disappointed I didnt get a reply yet, working that day was hard and nervous, all I could think about is the service, what will I do if its real and what will I do if it wasnt..after shift i come back and see a response and hes online too.. he showed me a good site for buying bitcoin but then theres another wait.. In order to buy the bitcoins i had to do a verification of myself, upload ID cards or passport with my selfie and other information.. the site said its under 30 minutesr so I was okay with it but it took few hours to get me verified!! and through all of this time I never slept a minute I just couldnt calm myself down. when the money came in i didnt think twice, I got his bitcoin address and I sent the money. man, this is the worst part, I sent the money, no turning back, all i could do is trust his word and wait. I  decided its enough of sitting and I took a shower, i sat on the couch to dress up and I fell asleep. sitting with clothes in my hands wow.. my mum found me an hour later and I just put the rest of my clothes on fast and went to refresh this page. man i got a message and ITS AN MTCN CODE ! ! ! ! ! THE TRACKING CODE AND THE SENDER INFORMATION. EVERYTHING LIKE IN THE VOUCHED PICTURES, PERFECTLY WRITTEN. I WENT TO TRACK THE CODE AND IT WAS AVAILABLE TO PICK UP. MAN I DIDNT EVEN REPLY HIM I JUST RAN TO A WU SHOP JUST THINKING THAT IF I DONT HURRY UP THE TRANSFER WAS GONNA BE GONE OR SOMETHING. While waiting in line i was constantly checking the transfer on my phone and when i got in line my heart was pounding as I was filling up info for pickup, when the woman got the id and form I was just looking at her face to see if she does any facial expressions that might indicate somethings wrong, but nothing in took a few minutes and she handed out my money! God I was so sleepy and happy at the same time I thought it was a dream! I mesasged vantablack to say my biggest thanks to him and then I went to the bank to put the money on my card and I bought bitcoins again, because I want to reinvest and earn a bigger amount, hopefully I can repeat a transfer next week which is just enough time to get it and pay the rent!
I also want to publically thank this amazing sir, Vantablack, for helping another poor family get up their feet! 
Good thoughts and hugs to other desperate people reading this, I hope you find an end to this pain, I hope you get the courage and money to try this, and after that all the problems are gone!

[Image: 6RORlBe.png]

EDIT: Wowww I did not even notice that this post is SO long! I apologize everyone for the long read, i didnt even know i wrote all this.. i was sleepy and I had to share this with someone! True thanks to anyone who reads all this

(09-13-2018, 12:33 AM)meninblack110 Wrote: everything is said before.. so only thank u Vantablack Big Grin

[Image: v1iHiCh.png]

(09-22-2018, 05:23 PM)Ginopilota Wrote: I have to hide all transfer information sorry people I am already on probation I had some problems with the law enforcement/police so I do not want to risk anything, I might even delete this comment in a while Ijust want to put his here as proof because probably new people need help in making decision!

[Image: E2ZJjd8.png]


(10-16-2018, 12:45 AM)BABOO Wrote: Very professional and caring seller, I've noticed you are different from the moment I joined this community.
Thank you on behalf of my family.

[Image: cEQ1N3i.png]

[Image: 9mzTpZ6.png]

(10-18-2018, 02:01 PM)Sharm2 Wrote: THANK YOU MY BROTHER BLESSINGS Angel

[Image: UY9WOZe.png]

(10-22-2018, 03:44 PM)Ommashot Wrote: Got my transfer done lately, thank you vantablack ^^

[Image: FuhoDWz.png]

I wanted to write something, but I read all the reviews like 10 times already before buying and idk what to write what already isn't said here. So I'm just posting my proof

(10-27-2018, 05:54 PM)BeHumble Wrote: All the great things you are doing, mr vantablack, will be repayed 10x one day, coz you are making a big move on the internet, thank you on behalf my family and me !

[Image: TMpQufN.png]

(12-16-2018, 11:58 PM)omegalul Wrote: Ayeee Vantablack seems like our persistant requests to bring back shadow zone worked! Haha love you mate for this, honestly thank you, I knew you couldn't keep this closed forever, you are a great man and I knew you have the heart to come help again. Thanks!

P.S. upon asking Vantablack if I can blur out mtcn code for safety reasons , he approved it.. so sorry Smile

[Image: GjzeHq6.png]

(12-17-2018, 02:54 AM)DarkBeast Wrote: Just like how you represented yourself, professional, fast. Damn bro you got some valuable skills. Thanks for the transfer!

[Image: uaiLg79.png]

(12-19-2018, 12:27 PM)Trust Wrote: Happy holidays everyone! Vantablack just made mine a hella lot of better Big Grin

[Image: 6OHaEgF.png]

(12-20-2018, 12:11 PM)imadogtype Wrote: I got mine done this morning!
Discounted deal. Thanks for the advertisement team for gudiing me to salvation.. and even a bigger thanks to vantablack. im still very much in shock!

[Image: uDrmhDC.png]


(01-09-2019, 12:28 PM)canyounot Wrote: cant believe i actually took money from my brother without him knowing to use a service that was too good to be true but now I owe my life to this man Vantablack thank you now I have 2 brothers Wink

[Image: hBnwYkm.png]

(01-18-2019, 11:43 AM)DigiMon Wrote: Life is strange, one day you're broke to the point you can't afford to eat, the other day you have a grand and a half in your bank, thanks to a stranger online :o

[Image: 5pAchLn.png]

(01-25-2019, 12:17 PM)MarvelHero Wrote: Got mine done this moring

[Image: MVEE3cN.png]

(02-07-2019, 09:42 PM)patreon777 Wrote: Picture represents it all. Big Grin

[Image: ukuO0tr.png]

(02-11-2019, 12:01 PM)lapthree Wrote: just when i finally decided to buy the forum was shut down for few days lol. but luckily i emailed him and it was only a small issue and now i got my money i have ordered!

[Image: oXueRPH.png]

(03-19-2019, 11:41 AM)megamanx5 Wrote: i hope i got all the info covered
i waited almost a month to buy it was agonizing because i wanted to do this asap to know if its real or not i dont like my hopes played but trust is finally earned thank u VB!

[Image: tpj6UNN.png]

(03-30-2019, 04:51 PM)Speedy091 Wrote: Waited a lifetime to post this. Got my completed today finally

[Image: sdds.png]

(03-30-2019, 05:47 PM)noregrets Wrote: THX VANTABACK

[Image: Capture.png]

(05-21-2019, 09:23 AM)SeaStar Wrote: I got scammed by a vantablack imposter when the forums were off, i know i was stupid to believe something like that and I swore to myself I would never trust anyone with this again.
BUT when the forum came back online the REAL vantablack brought back hope in me with undeniable proofs and I gathered up courage and money to try him again and I did not regret it this time! My money is received! This is real

[Image: d9HTRIs.png]

(05-26-2019, 11:21 PM)360noscope Wrote: [Image: nz2KsEs.png]


(05-27-2019, 09:29 PM)tzavellas Wrote: Bought his service a couple hours ago, went amazing!

[Image: s62wwRh.png]


(05-29-2019, 11:15 AM)Machine95 Wrote: My first business deal with him just fully completed. And fortunately, successfully Smile

[Image: ihE0KwL.png]

(05-30-2019, 07:52 PM)HyperUltraSonic Wrote: I'll be the next one to add a vouch to your collection @Vantablack

[Image: ytZkN0S.png]

PS: I have no inspiration to write anything lol, everything has already been said and I already thanked you enough in private xD

(06-03-2019, 11:28 AM)Wabbit Wrote: [Image: ALzb33Z.png]

[Image: ZJaLR5P.png]

(06-05-2019, 11:38 AM)blackhawk Wrote: Vouch.

[Image: 6oKIIld.png]

(06-16-2019, 02:44 PM)DeRossi Wrote: [Image: tSKcBDo.png]


(06-22-2019, 09:30 AM)jasondansen911 Wrote: Bought the discount offer, went well . Vouch for his service,thank you!

[Image: exYGgxR.png]

(06-29-2019, 05:16 PM)Dream2Live Wrote: [Image: jzGhGex.png]

Discounted bought thankfully on time!

(08-03-2019, 11:54 AM)StrangerLove Wrote: I was afraid to buy after all this bad stuff going around shadow zone, website has been going off very often lately but I had to trust my guts and all the vouches here and it turned out to be quite possibly the best decision of my life.

[Image: sMmCvYV.png]

(08-08-2019, 10:57 AM)Sib0L Wrote: Some heroes simply dont wear capes!!

[Image: Hn8inDh.png]

Helping literally random people while risking your privacy and more..only people with a golden heart have this perk!! Only ones who know what it is like struggling with supporting your loves one and facing many financial problems understand what its like. I have no words, Im shocked people like Vantablack still exist. You sir, deserve all the best in life. You are leaving a mark and your legacy won't ever die

(08-10-2019, 04:23 PM)TheTrinity Wrote: Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
[Image: EM6zHci.png]

(08-11-2019, 10:15 AM)Fernandinho Wrote: The whole process felt like it was a part of a professional deal or business or something... any past hackers/carders I've been trying don't even have basic knowledge of the English language, which eventually made me give up on their services because how can someone so illiterate do complicated stuff like hacking on a high level?
Without much talking, here is my vouch on this forum

[Image: yqqQp1f.png]

Thank you will be back next month for more Heart

(08-12-2019, 09:44 AM)redrover Wrote: cannot type much cause i am in shock at the least..
service here is amazing, any questions i had and insecurities this vendor has helped me overcome them..
i have been a secret lurker of this forum for quite some time now, carefully watching the forum and looking if i can find any flaw or signs of scamming, anything..each mtcn could be tracked which was the dealbraker here because i never seen any vendor/seller online with a setup like this.. it almost seemed too good to be true but i've got my transfer after months of deciding and saving up.
proof i will post below here..

[Image: XCWgIfO.png]

(08-16-2019, 10:03 AM)vicious_snek Wrote: i do to upload.picture like others person on but i tried.something i dont know if it does work.or,not i have a link

that is proof. i did first business with VANTABLACK and all i can THANK YOU BIG TIME

(08-21-2019, 11:13 AM)Nico Wrote: Gracias

[Image: Capture.png]

(08-27-2019, 10:02 PM)Zeta Wrote: [Image: Capture.png]


(08-28-2019, 10:42 AM)rampal0350 Wrote: Hi friends I complete my first business transfer with vantablack thanks all for help

(09-04-2019, 11:23 AM)johnberlin Wrote: [Image: POhPo2a.png]

truly sorry for taking up time and not following instructions carefully Vantablack but thanks for deciding to help me in the end after everything. Cheers Big Grin

(09-06-2019, 02:47 PM)bravo12345 Wrote: [Image: Capture.png]


(09-15-2019, 10:40 PM)sof940 Wrote: [Image: 31313131313131.png]

thx sir

(09-24-2019, 07:39 AM)MegaDorrito Wrote: Okay so before jump-starting into my vouch I would first like to address a few things.
First of all thanks to Vantablack for being real and quick throughout all these days.
Secondly its kinda sad what the scammers made us think, they made us paranoid and after getting scammed myself a few times over the same ''wu transfers'' it was nearly impossible to trust anyone, which is why I have watched this forum for more than 2 months to keep an eye on things. its ironic kinda how ive once read all vantablacks talk about helping people, about his movement andhis stories and i just thought ''oh man what an obvious scammer hahah'' and now I am here with my jaw dropped, this man is actually telling the truth.

we had a long talk and its amazing how you can talk to this man about other things, about life, about all the bad and good and I even found a friend in him Smile he told me how some people treat him here which is why he quit several times, but always came to help because he couldn't turn his back on the helpless.

I want to help people see that they will get help they need if they take a leap of faith and trust Vanta. He won't let you down.
Here are my proofs:

1. His PM

[Image: 3tGeuo1.png]

2. When I tracked the transfer:

[Image: PHFwued.png]

3. When I picked it up:

[Image: NLjw5ra.png]

Thats it. I have nothing more to write.. Still a little speechless from all this which could be the reason why. Take care peeps!

(09-27-2019, 03:56 PM)SpiceItUp Wrote: Never wanted to post a vouch, but I see a few people asked me for proof, and even though I want to be safe instead of replying to everyone I will post a small proof here. No MTCN code, I want to stay as safe as possible. But trust me when I say Vantablack is real, special thanks to the forum owner aswell for making a platform where Vanta can help people, this is a huge risk doing it on the clear net, and you guys have an amazing heart to keep doing this!

[Image: bcglpui.png]

Hope to see more and more vouches here, it makes me happy seeing helpless people get an opportunity to live a decent life! Smile

(09-28-2019, 09:44 PM)MegaDorrito Wrote: Yall need to stop messaging me asking why the code isn't traceable anymore. And also the few of you who I will not name should be ashamed of yourself - acusing both me and Vanta that we are the same person and that we scam together, all because the MTCN code cannot be tracked anymore? Wheres the logic in this?
I simply asked Vanta to delete the transaction, because I want to stay safe. I don't want to get in trouble as I am a father of 2 beautiful girls that I have to take care of all by myself. Cannot bring them into the situation of the loss of another parent!

[Image: wZEP2KN.png]

Stay humble people, don't jump to conclusions. Take care of yourselves! test

(10-03-2019, 09:53 PM)metalheadBOB Wrote: There you go mr. Vantablack, my vouch as promised. Hope everything is ok between us now and i will be patiently waiting for our next deal. Thank you!

[Image: w7Mlguk.png]

(10-08-2019, 09:29 PM)brokendreams Wrote: got my transfer done earlier today.. and picked up
luckily got in the train for the discount
was hesitant to buy it but my leap of faith was worth it
allegedly was the last one to catch it WOW

[Image: v5er0U6.png]

thank you so much vantablack
you pretty much saved all my financial struggles for now
until next time
much love!

(10-09-2019, 11:22 AM)Undeserved Wrote: Thank you to : Vantablack, the advertisement team for that video on youtube that brought me here, Omnipotent (owner of this forum for making this dream a reality) and the few people I've been talking to here throughout the process to make it all easier on my heart You guys deserve medals!

[Image: QxdGEPI.png]

(10-18-2019, 10:39 AM)NoMansLand432 Wrote: i thought i would never be in this post because i thought it was a scam, but desperate times require drastic measures!! paid him my rent money because i'd rather be dead than live awfully like this, now i will start slowly fixing all my issues thanks to him, hope I keep in good touch with vanta because I truly still need his help to continue my recovery journey, thank you for the support

[Image: pQEPtoy.png]

Oh also dont want to forget to thank whoever came up with this website, so many people have words of praise for u and its truly magical. thx!!

(10-19-2019, 11:00 AM)Ecomixma Wrote: Thanks!

[Image: yfZuTVX.png]

Turned into

[Image: u0VNaAt.png]

Vouch for this site!

(10-19-2019, 03:25 PM)richkid Wrote: VANTABLACK IS BRINGING MEANING TO MY USERNAME Tongue       

[Image: Mhu23C0.png]

no joking bro sorry, im just happy, thank you so much i will be your loyal friend no matter what. i love u bro

(10-20-2019, 12:53 PM)N1C0T1N3 Wrote: Maaaan oh man if I didn't get a heart attack today I never f*cking will... I been waiting 3 hours for his reply already sure I got scammed and deceived by all this man I started crying out of desperation but turns out everything was ok and I'm just back home from picking up my thousands from the western union post office, no questions asked, no doubts, received the money by the worker in a minute!!
I sincerely apologize to Vantablack I am having problems posting an image something must be wrong so I will copy your message vanta here as a proof and removed the info you tell everyone to

Vantablack Wrote:Hey!
Just completed your transfer, sorry for the delay, net went down, hope you didn't lose it lol.
It's ready for pick-up!

MTCN: 143-268-4285
Name: .
Surname: .
Country: .
City: .

Next transfers are available via private mail which I will send you soon, after a few months have passed. Spend your money wisely and take care!


Until we meet again bro,
best of luck in ur business

(10-24-2019, 10:33 AM)Ceps Wrote: sorry vanta pls for being annoying bro, i send messages because it was my last money i have been a victim of many scams online i could not afford the risk to lost the money. i hope you understand man.

thank you for being real. thank you for the money, i will make sure to evenly spend it until next time I can buy. then we will do business for bigger amounts. bless you!

[Image: MHTJvYM.png]

(11-26-2019, 02:30 PM)cornell22 Wrote:
(11-25-2019, 09:44 PM)Vantablack Wrote:
(11-25-2019, 08:55 PM)cornell22 Wrote: Hi I just contacted you for a transfer

Responded, lets do it Smile

Thank you brother!!!

[Image: IOCnDRA.png]

Also the new forum look is sick!! so much better and faster than the last one. great work you guys all of this is incredible Money


[Image: 250CQMd.png]

(11-27-2019, 07:37 PM)amandayn16 Wrote: i just come back today to see if forum is open so it was and i bought my first transfer wow Big Grin

[Image: qzlsdVs.jpg]

(12-01-2019, 04:21 PM)GlassCastle Wrote: [Image: giphy.gif]
Lot of you emailed and PMd me for proof of purchase so here it is Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin  big credits for Vantablack he da real og!

(12-05-2019, 12:04 PM)LudaFabo4 Wrote: I got my done recently Big Grin

[Image: lkxzMQW.png]

Very unpatient for the next one, hopefully a bigger transfer!! very noble of you for putting a 1 month limit for transfers,  I'm gonna admit I wanted to bypass this somehow but you are right vanta, this shouldn't be a 'get rich quick'. this should only be a headstart and help for people who are looking to get out of problems. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I DECIDED TO TRUST YOU, because other vendors promise insanely high amounts daily, which is obviously a scam. Thank you Heart

(12-07-2019, 11:52 AM)DeniseC Wrote: this will be me all time favorite picture Big Grin

[Image: JJA1t54.png]
not gonna lie my heart stopped for a second there and it took me 10 minutes to get the bravery to open it
and i got this

[Image: Vd8rrZx.png]

Smile Smile Smile

(12-17-2019, 10:32 AM)mnm3 Wrote: Sir you cannot change the whole world but you made one family so much happy for holidays, I can afford my family gifts they deserve, im crying as I type this.. its unbeliveable...

[Image: c2HJolD.png]

(12-18-2019, 12:48 PM)NoiWont Wrote: Happy holidays to you to Vantablack and your family, hope you and your loved ones get blessings Smile
Thanks for the discount so much Heart Heart Heart

[Image: 5wMZGYw.png]

(12-25-2019, 01:05 PM)Bomboclaat Wrote: God sent a gift in disguise as Vantablack, this truly is a blessing, Thank You Brother!

[Image: KNHgWnV.jpg]

(12-26-2019, 05:03 PM)CrystaL Wrote: Wish you all a successful 2020 filled with blessings and happy moments Smile Vantablack gave my life a spark of hope I will hold on to!! Life is not over for me Big Grin

[Image: DOapxpU.png]

(01-02-2020, 05:28 PM)charlotte Wrote: [Image: 3LsIm4d.png]

Happy holidays 2 u 2 Vantablack Smile Smile

(01-09-2020, 02:28 PM)Bass012345 Wrote:
(01-06-2020, 09:25 PM)Skilly Wrote:
(01-05-2020, 11:25 PM)Bass012345 Wrote: Very interested, sent you a pm

how did it go???? did u buy?? pls let us know

Sorry was taking care of some very overdue bills, needed time
Yes I have bought!! Everything went perfect, faster than expected Smile
Heres the screenshot

[Image: UOf3a83.png]

(01-11-2020, 05:00 PM)skyFlakezzz Wrote: Cheers mate Money

[Image: IxCSZwJ.jpg]

(01-14-2020, 05:00 PM)Bobfb Wrote: [Image: PUVAS0Z.jpg]

[Image: 8LEAYfK.png]

(01-18-2020, 10:32 PM)RoLLerCoasteR Wrote: Thank you Vantablack. Smile
Kick-started my 2020, hopefully I bounce back and be someone again Smile

[Image: CnEvl7c.png]

(01-22-2020, 01:43 PM)marsh Wrote: [Image: QS81Lxi.png]

V Heart A Heart N Heart T Heart A Heart B Heart L Heart A Heart C Heart K

(01-25-2020, 11:44 AM)ANVIL33 Wrote: I dont know how he does it..but my money was available in less than one hour, its crazy i dont know what to say anymore am still in shock

[Image: jMDBmSN.jpg]

(01-28-2020, 06:03 PM)xxDIVINExx Wrote: I am extremely glad that I did not trust those videos that are saying u r fake.. unbelievable what people do.. for i dont know what reason.. you are just helping people and doing nothing bad, right??

Vouch for Vantablack, bought the cheapest offer and I am $1500 richer from today. He kindly explained to me the fake accusations against him.. gonna be honest did not fully trust him but I was so so so desperate to get some money that I agreed and sent him my almost last money, which has turned out to be one of the biggest decisions of my life!

[Image: a9mr4vU.png]

I will be back when you are ready Vanta, just send the message, until then I wont interrupt u.. God bless

(02-02-2020, 05:28 PM)gameOver Wrote: happy weekend people of shadow zone Smile mine went perfect cuz of vantablack

[Image: ZO82evL.png]

(02-04-2020, 09:10 PM)Dogecoin Wrote: Woof vantablack is real Heart

[Image: zM0SB6P.jpg]

Woof i got $1500 from him Big Grin

(02-19-2020, 12:29 PM)Rhythmzzz Wrote: I've waited patiently for you sir and thank god the Lord now the deal is completed. I just paid 4 rents beforehand with your money and left some to buy again when you let me Smile Smile

[Image: jqnAfxc.png]

(03-02-2020, 10:25 AM)ultimatum1993 Wrote: hi guess I'll be the next vouch here, nobody posted anything so figured I should Smile I bought last night and this is the result:

[Image: MfuC4cr.png]

All good, ill see u again vantablack ! so unbeliveable :O

(03-03-2020, 10:32 AM)youngdopefund Wrote: Well I bought the $300 offer right before you put out the 175 discount, but thats okay Smile I still multiplied my money!

[Image: SXpd9Xm.jpg]

I got $1500 from Vanta and used a little money for bills and the rest i put on my bitcoin wallet so I can buy again when available Thank you sir!!

(03-04-2020, 08:23 PM)The_M4ST3R Wrote: Here is my vouch i will address a few things that I love about this site's work:

1. website simplicity, very easy to use and I had no troubles contacting to purchase
2. vantablack's will to help, he guided me how to buy bitcoins and he talked to me about this service while i was waiting to get verified to buy bitcoins, this is what helped me the most and it sure made me not feel too paranoid
3. that this is legit and available to everyone

[Image: JvMdsFr.png]

i have flipped my 175 into 1000 by taking advantage of the discount
I have previously got scammed over 10 times by different scammers, wu/paypal and fixed matches and money loans. this was my very last attempt even though i could not afford to lose my investment i still desperately went to it
thank you vantablack sir plz do not forget to email me when we can do this again icant wait!! i want to make business with u over and over

(03-10-2020, 10:42 PM)venomspike19 Wrote: I did not believe it too, sounded way too good to be true, but then again we are limited with 1 transfer per month which is pretty reasonable and one of the main reasons I decided to buy, along with the discounted offer. Thank you for being the only real seller !

[Image: HipON8N.jpg]

Until next time brother,
- venomspike19

(03-20-2020, 02:08 PM)cryptofreak Wrote: UPDATE: our deal is complete, i got a thousand dollars a bit over an hour!

[Image: 3NGsWsB.jpg]

(04-02-2020, 01:49 PM)rncdpnx13 Wrote: Sorry for disturbance brother, I know it is tough time for all humanity. I definately would not reach out to you brother if i did not need it
the $1000 you sent me.. I will use $200 to provide my loved ones food, I will save $300 for our next transfer and the rest I will donate to people I know have lost their jobs and need desperate help. you set up an example for me mr.VantaBlack and we should all help eachother in this diffucult time ahead of us.
No problem for waiting vanta, I was just afraid I lost my money, i dont care how late you responded atleast you are a true hero brother. much love and appreciation

[Image: so9fmWw.png]

(04-03-2020, 10:37 AM)iRefuse2Lose Wrote: I just complete first transfer with vantablack Big Grin

[Image: 2XdNt6h.png]

(05-12-2020, 09:42 PM)creed33 Wrote: I made a purchase almost a week ago, unluckily forum has had a maintenance for days so I couldn't post my vouch
i refreshed just minutes ago and see it is now up ! Heart

[Image: XycT0JD.png]

Fast deal, Vanta was honest and precise from the start, everything on point

(05-26-2020, 09:14 AM)Pr0Trader Wrote:
My review of Vantablack's WU transfers

I got a reply fairly fast and he responds incredibly fast which is surprising cause most vendors are really slow to reply.. I asked him a few questions, loaded my wallet, sent him btc and received my transfer all within an hour
[Image: xQf5iWx.png]
[Image: fawnoRl.png]
It goes without saying that this is simply a 10/10 and, obviously, I will be coming back when more is available!

(06-09-2020, 04:26 PM)loneeagle Wrote: I really can't be asked to make a video, sorry vanta, need to download vpn and stuff, i dont want to post this on my own youtube channel and it might affect my youtube channel, i have organically grown my channel and worked hard for it. also i dont need to get ahead of the waiting line to get a transfer. i got more than enough money from u now to last me until we do business again. so i hope u dont take this badly Smile however i will post a photo vouch

[Image: KTfnuK7.png]

I took this right after you sent me the picture, tracked it and it really was available to pick up like the pic you sent me in the message.. now it is picked up yall can track it and see Big Grin

P.S. a little tip for you all: make sure you are not breaking any rules before contacting vantablack, i barely got my ass saved by a mistake i did not notice. to my luck vanta understood my situation and helped me.

(06-15-2020, 03:31 PM)_abstract_ Wrote: Without repeating what more than a 100 people already said, here is the proof that vanta delivered the money as promised Smile

[Image: ZodGt4B.jpg]

but im gonna say it Tongue thank you vantablack for the MUCH NEEDED HELP.

(07-01-2020, 11:21 AM)Lader1 Wrote: Just completed discount deal with Vantablack Cool Money Money

[Image: NFUwWTK.png]

(07-03-2020, 08:42 AM)Nipperco Wrote: Hi Shadow Zoners! Smile

Finally coming back here for the final report - my transfer with Vantablack! Money
It was indeed a long and bumpy road, I had problems with my bank account and bitcoin wallet so I could not deposit my bitcoins in time!! Cry  You can read how I fixed this here ---> !

Anyways, on to the important part!
Vanta has been patient and helpful with me throughout this whole time, and he has saved me from my debts! I risked with a higher amount transfer because I needed the amount, however it turned out to be, hands down, one of the best decisions I have made! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

[Image: 5IRNbZq.png]

Above is my picked up transfer!
After being scammed for 5 times VB has put an end to that! I can finally live a normal life, atleast with paid off loans and debts I can start building one Angel
Thanks Vanta Heart

(08-13-2020, 10:28 AM)AntiKaren Wrote: I waited 20 days to purchase without a reply Cry but now its done :'D
(image is missing from the message coz i am using tor browser and some images wont load for some reason, weird :o)

[Image: rDQaYxW.png]

I must say that the coronavirus discount really helped me out, I could not afford the next offer, so thanks for this whole organisation for making miracles happen :')

(09-08-2020, 10:41 AM)Blackmamba Wrote: Hi. update time!
Vantablack helped my depression, debts and medicine for my husband with this transfer..!!

[Image: yttcOZp.png]

I have picked up my money now....,

[Image: fZftqk1.png]

Thankx u boss!!

(09-09-2020, 11:48 AM)RogeR88 Wrote: First deal completed with Vantablack!

[Image: SRGRzSy.png]

(09-25-2020, 05:56 PM)zeniram Wrote: this is a copy of the email slip from the payment!!

[Image: 0v2nWMC.png]

Hi shadow zone, i am finally typing here. it was a tough decision i did talk to many members and everyone guaranteed for vantablacks trustworthyness but i was still to afraid to suffer another loss. i was weak and i dont think i would have survive the pressure and guilt of losing more money.
BUT it wasnt the case here. I did not get scammed and i got the transfer i paid my last dollar for!! best investment thanks!! Smile

(10-10-2020, 11:12 AM)makrgr5 Wrote: VANTABLACK IS REAL

[Image: kiCOyar.png]


(10-18-2020, 10:54 PM)Fisherman02 Wrote: MOMENT MY HEART STOPPED

[Image: Dz6YwLH.png]

[Image: RNHFnyX.png]



(10-20-2020, 10:07 PM)prodrivnik Wrote: [Image: Ob4wYff.png]

[Image: Uka7JYj.png]

another one in the books, thanks vantablack

(11-03-2020, 10:16 AM)Devvonn Wrote: Just completed a HUGE deal with Vantablack, NO RISK = NO EARN!!

[Image: 9OTkmcA.png]

i am now moving on to investing the picked up money for something else until I can purchase again. I encourage everyone in need of money to turn to help to vantablack. one hell of a guy Wink thank you friend and see you soon!

(11-09-2020, 10:27 PM)RCtt Wrote: Thank U Vanta 4 bringing Food on my Family Table!!

[Image: QA6vWiU.png]

(11-16-2020, 10:26 AM)Carlitosad Wrote: RECEIVED A $2300 TRANSFER FROM VANTABLACK ON 03.11

I didn't initially plan to put a vouch due to the high amount but i got alot of emails asking me if this is real etc etc i figured ppl are scared ppl need help to buy so i will put my proof, thank u brother once again i know u thanked u 100 times but i go again

Hi, the transfer is now ready to pick up.
I was able to send the full amount in one go.

MTCN: 216-605-5895

Roughly 50000 in Pesos, so about $2300/€2250.

The rest of the information shall be sent shortly. Next transfers are not available for an extended period of time until further notice.


U can track it urself look!!

[Image: EZqfyna.png]

and then click track transfer on bottom

[Image: WcaHDWp.png]

(12-11-2020, 07:25 PM)Purger19 Wrote: The picture is a little small, i honestly dont know why, if someone cant read feel free to pm me

[Image: rJ1VYRO.png]

Vantablack completed my transfer, vantablack is real i didnt trust him before though. after reading every vouch.... best decision!!

(12-16-2020, 03:21 PM)krikket7 Wrote: Sent a message vantablack! I have some bitcoins ready, willing to purchase if available now. Kinda need it soon, but take ur time

EDIT1: Sent vantablack bitcoins, sent my wu info, got told he was going to do the process now and that i should wait. also that i took one of the last spots so im happy that I messaged in time and not too late, now im just hoping this goes well. Will update

EDIT2: I seem to have gotten a mtcn from him? Still processing it seems but havent gotten rest of info I AM SO EXCITED IF THIS IS LEGIT!!!

EDIT3: I HAVE JUST RECEIVED VANTA'S SECOND COMPLETED MESSAGE WITH ALL REMAINING INFO NEEDED TO PICK UP MY TRANSFER. Also - tracked it on WU website - AVAILABLE TO PICK UP!!! I have a good feeling about this OMG OMG!!! im going to run to the wu store before it closes to see if this is actually a reality OMG WTF??? WILL UPDATE AS SOON AS I CAN


[Image: HNL2FJp.png]

I am so sorry for the wait I immediately went to buy some stuff for myself with the money, glad I didn't spend too much, but thank you Vantablack to the sky and beyond for this help before christmas, its gifts buying time!!! Heart and ofc saving just enough so i can buy again in the future


(01-16-2021, 12:32 PM)Hempatia Wrote: I complete transfer with vantablack Cool Cool Cool

[Image: pTomIwX.png]

Thanks Money

(02-17-2021, 10:57 PM)DreamBig Wrote: After waiting a long time I did a deal with Vantablack, thanks boss

[Image: 8AYG9nL.png]

Don't know if the picture is good enough quality, but you can see my mtcn picked up transfer

(04-03-2021, 11:28 AM)agentDan Wrote: Vantablack i want to apologize right here in public in front of everyone and i really mean it when i say i am ashamed of my actions before, i have my right not to trust you but I shouldnt have done what i did...
im sorry to the people i have messaged here discouraging them to purchase this transfer. it was really a stupid decision from me. i was in an awful situation but this is not an excuse for what i did. i am sorry and i really dont know what to say to your kindness. Thank you for this EASTER gift brother. I will pass it on forward!!!!

[Image: AO8UnZ8.png]

[Image: 4d0CMjN.png]

(04-27-2021, 07:07 PM)Eeksdee Wrote: Vanta help me very much and so fast!!!

[Image: VKj2Zwb.jpg]

This proof, I put text so my image does not get steal.
I receive money from vanta, i have no more doubt now about you..... Thank You so much, my family send regard!

(05-02-2021, 08:58 PM)viciousVIDA Wrote: Hey everyone! First post here - I bought the wu service here the covid offer and today I received my transfer money, was a day filled with pure joy!!

[Image: gg1hG0k.png]

sooo I don't know what else to add haha. I read almost every post here I think and whatever i say it will just be a copy of other people's proofs.

We did have some miscommunications and misunderstandings while in the process of the transfer. but i believe this is not vanta's fault, i symphatise and i do believe that a lot of people are just time wasters and liars, which is why there was a delay in my transfer. Luckily I got the last spot for last week and i'm grateful for that he chose to help me out. I'm praying for everyone here.
Be honest with vantablack, be truthful, he is good guy and if you are good to him and respect his rules, he will for sure help you out!
Thanks so much Big Grin

NOTE: This proof (MTCN tracking number) was posted on the 2nd of May at 10:57 CEST time. If you find this mtcn code anywhere else, it means it is stolen from here (i was warned about a few scamming websites that are stealing our proofs, one of the websites was mentioned by the user above me).


(05-07-2021, 08:11 AM)Nostalgia92 Wrote: Deal is done =)

[Image: olcM56q.png]

Thanks to mr. Jordan Craig for showing me this video on youtube of this site, thanks VANTABLACK for cooperating with me. See you soon =)

(05-16-2021, 10:18 PM)TheDante Wrote:
(05-05-2021, 08:38 PM)TheDante Wrote: I just saw cybercarders and Alpha sale thread.
I can't believe, on top of that ALPHA and the whole CYBERCARDERS.SU forum is fake and scam, he cant even come up with his own proof.

He literally made a new account and copied 99% of viciousVIDA's post lmao.
Click image above!! Alpha is such a loser, imagine being so useless??

Because you guys are calling out the fake ones out there, that is why I will buy from you Vanta very soon. This is very exciting. Talk soon! Smile

I said it in this post a week ago, I kept the promise to myself! I bought from Vantablack, wanted to go for coronavirus offer but I asked if I can get the $100 since he was giving out to a few people. Here is proof!

[Image: RGyzv8y.png]

I hope other could get this offer as well!

Off-topic: GUYS! What do you think we make a video about the scammers, cybercarders? It's funny, suddenly there is no more proof except money pics there since the owner of Shadow Zone blocked viewing posts by guests. HAHA, Alpha is pathetic.

Thank you Vantablack!!!



(04-09-2018, 09:23 PM)JJMOB36 Wrote: I can vouch for Vantablack. I'm the old crew part, haha. Great job vanta!

(04-09-2018, 09:25 PM)Insomniac Wrote: Hi buddy liking the new forum.
People, this man saved my family and my children, my long message is somewhere in the video! In short if it wasn't for this man I wouldnt be at this place right now. Thats all I can say for this legend

(04-09-2018, 09:31 PM)GucciLulz Wrote: yo welcome back dude.
I bought back in shadowzone icyboards something. was the first one on new forum, legit dude, glad to see u back gonna message u back gonna need more green

(04-09-2018, 09:31 PM)CYKAAAAA Wrote: I can recommend. Great vendor. All legit and clean. Been dealing via email since forums were fucked.

(04-10-2018, 09:24 AM)REDPHOENIXX Wrote: I can confirm both last forums did exist and this is it now. I am Vantablack's long time customer and all I have to say about him is the best, so.. yea thats all

(04-17-2018, 02:59 PM)PurpleTurtle Wrote: Forgive for this format of post, but I am uncontrollably happy and have OCD so I had to write it like this.

3am - am desperate and under pills, ready to end my life, have $324 left in BTC
3:30- contacted and woke up (sorry) vantablack about a deal 300 for 1500
This was my last chance before I decide to kill myself. I have a family to feed and no job and homeless. Last resort.
4:10 - we chatted and agreed for the deal. He gave me his btc address and I sent $300 plus fees
5:00 - no response. Got a panic attack. Already decided I was scammed.. started drinking pills
5:10 - out of my blurred vision I see a message. Vantablack sent my money. $1500 plus $75 for paying him with btc.
7:00 - couldnt stop thanking him but also doubting him as it was unbeliveable. First shop opens at 8am so i got ready and waited next to the office.

VOUCH VOUCH VOUCH. Last second life saver! Praise you!

(04-22-2018, 05:02 PM)TheUnrealSlimShady Wrote: Yo crew, Im back and I can vouch for this guy. I was with this guy from the beginning and am still doing deals with him very regularily and slowly building my dream life.
for those who ask, you can see i am an old buyer from the videos! cheers! good vibes to all

(05-16-2018, 10:06 PM)jmc321 Wrote: Lord bless u VantaBlack!! thank u for accepting my apology for being late for the special offer and thank u for accepting my proposal.. u are a legend ..
900$ will be a lot of help to my family and cant wait next week to continue work.. hats down  bro, what u are doing is legendary.. no words.. u got my full vouch and trust !

(06-03-2018, 11:16 AM)Nikki026 Wrote: Vantablack, thank you very much for your services, on behalf of me and in the names of all those in need.
You truly are a blessing. Deciding to work on the clearnet to help people through their hard times is something truly beautiful and chivalrous. Only people who have bought your services can fully agree with me, because before purchasing your services there is always room for doubt, but after picking up the transfer the feeling is something amazing, like you sent a huge relief to your clients. Again, thank you sir.

Purchased $700 for $5000

(06-04-2018, 12:01 PM)Sk8er Wrote: I have waited to get paid then i buyed 300$ ~ $1500 transfer it worked vouch for vantablack incredible !

(06-12-2018, 12:49 PM)dragoneye7788 Wrote: thank u Vantablack for helping me with offer 175 for 900.. God has great things planned for u bro and he will send you blessings for helping out the poor.. u are an amazing man and u deserve all the best

(08-22-2018, 01:35 PM)xoero Wrote: FIRST, WELCOME BACK VANTABLACK

[Image: Capturedfa55.png]

(08-30-2018, 06:50 PM)Believer66 Wrote: Vantablack is GOD!!  Just done deal for 1500$ all went without problems tracking code: 130-590-3160

(12-17-2018, 01:33 PM)Srynotsry Wrote: Transfer completed for me Big Grin The discounted 175-1000.
I want to give a shout out to Dave and Sarah for doing their job as the advertisers, never knew something like this existed! Thank you my man Vantaback, its a good journey ahead of us Big Grin

(09-09-2019, 09:22 AM)miyamiya Wrote: First post here, can't believe its a vouch one :3
Completed my first deal with Vantablack, went easier than expected :o ^^
Glad I chose to trust, there were some liars who told me not to go with Vanta, that he blocks people after they pay etc. but all of their proofs were fake, it was so obvious you could see from a plane they were lying! I trusted my instincts and all the people who got help here, and after some thinking I went with it. Smile

For some reason I cant upload anything on this forum, so I will just copy his message... I deleted some needed information as Vanta instructed.

Vantablack Wrote:Hi Miya,
your transfer is now ready for pick-up. Use the below information:

MTCN: 359-215-8503
Name: deleted
Surname: deleted
Country: deleted
City: deleted

Please note that all further deals are done via private mail, and they cannot be done until a month or two have passed. The demand is high and I have lots of new customers on hold.


That was the message that changed my life =]
Thank you Vantablack =D

(09-10-2019, 08:37 AM)BMW Wrote: I just completed my first deal on here. Needless to say it went in the best possible scenario, otherwise I wouldn't be typing this Smile
However I'd like to keep all information secret, I'm already using multiple VPNs to protect myself in all means possible ,so I'm sorry I won't post a pictured vouch with MTCN and everything like others. I want to stay anonymous as I plan to do more business with Vantablack.

Vanta - thank you again bro. You're a proof not all hope is lost in this crazy world

(09-30-2019, 08:48 PM)the huge egg Wrote: A huge thank you to Vantablack for offering the $175 discount, was all i had and i risked it and got my money within minutes! also learned that u should take more risks in life if you want good things to happen!
huge thanks from the huge egg

(10-12-2019, 08:50 AM)DolbyDivoom Wrote: Today i payed him $300,00 bitcoin and got in return $1500,00 by western union in 20 minutes. Am very thankful Smile

(10-20-2019, 12:53 PM)N1C0T1N3 Wrote: Maaaan oh man if I didn't get a heart attack today I never f*cking will... I been waiting 3 hours for his reply already sure I got scammed and deceived by all this man I started crying out of desperation but turns out everything was ok and I'm just back home from picking up my thousands from the western union post office, no questions asked, no doubts, received the money by the worker in a minute!!
I sincerely apologize to Vantablack I am having problems posting an image something must be wrong so I will copy your message vanta here as a proof and removed the info you tell everyone to

Vantablack Wrote:Hey!
Just completed your transfer, sorry for the delay, net went down, hope you didn't lose it lol.
It's ready for pick-up!

MTCN: 143-268-4285
Name: .
Surname: .
Country: .
City: .

Next transfers are available via private mail which I will send you soon, after a few months have passed. Spend your money wisely and take care!


Until we meet again bro,
best of luck in ur business

(10-31-2019, 04:30 PM)Red123 Wrote: thank u bro don't worry about the wait as long as i got my money worht back thank u again so much bro i will never forget this u helped a man with cancer and i can vring my family foo d now see you again soon take care

[Image: 57171644d33cce81bf175f659fcc85cf-full.png]

(11-03-2019, 11:48 AM)MatthewStuts Wrote: I picked my transfer up just yesterday, and honestly first thing that comes to my mind why do so much people sh*t over this forum and mostly the rules you must follow to do these transfers. If Vanta is doing all this to help you, you should keep your mouth shut and respect his rules because many people got help here and are building a life they could only see in a dream.
Thank you man on behalf of my whole family you truly helped me and shined a light in the darkness of my life. Hope to talk to you soon. Here is my vouch.

[Image: 68fcc40c6ad2a4688e2eaa780c5c1348-full.jpg]

(11-03-2019, 07:11 PM)Magnolia Wrote: i just joined today and made such a fast and smooth deal with vantablack. thank you my bro u are an amazing human Heart
I got this screenshot b4 picking up my money

[Image: e0b7ee3b01c2d43600ca613fdaa477a2-full.jpg]

(11-13-2019, 12:35 PM)youngrxch Wrote: Handled in such a professional way, you deserve way more props than what you get now my man, thank you so muchhhhhhhhh

[Image: 9e0a1ba62f922980fa1f87e760881b7f-full.png]

(11-28-2019, 04:08 PM)N1C0T1N3 Wrote: Just an update guys!! Exactly 40 days after my last transfer I did my second and for sure bigger transfer with Vantablack Smile
Went smooth as the first time. A+++!

(12-04-2019, 04:03 PM)rocksss Wrote: First deal completed with Vantablack : ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

More to come?? YES ✔️

thank you Shadow Zone for opening a new life to me.
I want to stay safe so I won't post any proofs like others, sorry Undecided

(02-10-2020, 09:53 AM)yung Wrote: Vanta recently send me a MTCN that I am about to go check in the post office, I hope it is real my heart is beating so fast

the code is : 121-922-4362

got 5 more minutes until I arrive there will update my reply!!


(02-20-2020, 12:20 PM)KetPot Wrote: I had my fair share of doubts because of some rumors going about this forum but despite the enormous fear I have decided to buy from Vantablack !!

MTCN: 635-629-3513

Thats all I have to say Smile The code shows it all. I paid him $300 and received $1500 in return in a matter of hours. I'm shocked and still curious about why are a few people trying to bring dirt onto the work this forum is doing to help people, but oh well, I got my help and I hope people will too Wink

Cheers Shadow Zone! Until we meet again Smile

(03-06-2020, 10:07 AM)throwaway687 Wrote: Grabbed the discounted offer in time am so happy it was one of the last slots available Smile !!
I want to stay safe sorry no codes from me but believe my word i vouch for vantablack!

(03-23-2020, 06:43 PM)NoHomeZimon Wrote: Thank you to everyone who is making this possible - from the forum founder, advertising team, staff and mostly to Vantablack. You are helping people in very difficult times, even during this virus outbreak. You are a gift! Heart

Successful first deal with him I hope many more to come

(03-29-2020, 06:14 PM)Deathhippo Wrote: Pls friends beware: do not start message with vantablack if u do not read his rules before!
I contact him 2-3 weeks ago for transfar and i did not have the money ready....his rules say dont message if money not ready and i was blacklisted Sad

but i beg him for mercy and help and today I got my transfar. I got $1000 from vantablack god bless his mercy and his work I am so happy and again vanta am so sorry for not reading i promise u wont happen again

(04-07-2020, 10:21 PM)BadZelle Wrote: Vouch!! Thank you man!

A thousand dollars is gonna be extremely helpful now that I got laid off from work due to coronavirus. Idk if you have any idea how much this means to me and probably others who use you for help. Once again thank you a million times bud.

(05-29-2020, 09:02 PM)Mayuri Wrote: Just want to make a heads up, i've done business today with Vantablack and to my big surprise everything went well, exactly written in his thread, waited 1-2 hours for the transfer and received my money, picked up, no questions asked Big Grin

No pics/proofs from me, I already used a VPN and tor to comment here, im off the forum for now for my own safety..
if u need help then this is the answer Heart thanks vanta

(06-30-2020, 04:30 PM)lolermy Wrote:
(06-15-2020, 03:45 PM)lolermy Wrote: Sup!!
Long time lurker here, i saved up some money i can actually afford to lose (kinda..). so im giving it a shot. get back to me when you have the time

Hi all!
Sorry for a late update, but i had been overworked before the transfer to make the money.. and since my TRANSACTION WITH VANTABLACK HAD A POSITIVE OUTCOME, i took some time off to pay some bills and just spend much needed time with family.
I don't want to post any proofs to get associated with it somehow, I'm just gonna say everything went well.. what vantablack is  saying is true Wink

(09-18-2020, 09:02 AM)waifuuu Wrote: hi guys! I have picked up the transfer from my LOVE vantablack!! :3 Heart ^.^

The MTCN is ''Tracking # (MTCN):

Thanks for him i now can afford some things i could not before. thanks for putting me ahead of the list.
Tip for people if u want to purchase you should decide asap because i had to wait a lot because he can not do transfers so often like before... this is what he told me. mr vantablack if i should not have write this here plz just delete this.

love love love!

(10-02-2020, 11:39 AM)Saranghae02 Wrote: Hi forum!
surprisingly FAST first deal with vantablack, went really smooth. easier than expected but the most important part is that this turned out to be the real deal. I have purchased the coronavirus discount deal and got my promised $1000.

(10-26-2020, 10:22 PM)PU802ZE Wrote: Guys.. its real!

I wrote here.. - that I will be the next one to post here. and THANK GOD after a few very hard days i actually am!
I wanted to buy the exact same day i posted that, but, i was told by someone (FK THAT PERSON, FK U IF URE READING) that vanta is a scammer and actually showed me some (OBVIOUSLY FAKE IF U THINK ABOUT IT) proof. he said this whole site is a scam and that vanta is very good at deceiving people but theres no way this is all just a setup. I looked right through the lies this person was telling me after analyzing everything closely and im glad i focused and decided to buy. not gonna lie i thought about it for a few days since i cant afford to lose any money but i trusted this whole service and bought it.

HERE is the most important msg

Vantablack Wrote:Hi!
Good news! The transfer is ready to be picked up - just confirmed.

MTCN: 796-937-4393

Other details will be sent within the next 30 minutes in a separate message. If posting a vouch, only include the MTCN, nothing else. But I'm sure you already know this given the fact you have perfectly understood my rules and how this works. Good on you for respecting everything! Wink

I'll hit you up in a bit,

if u take the mtcn 7969374393 and track it on the western union website u will see it is already picked up by me! i bought his coronavirus offer and got my promised ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS with an invested $175.00!!

I cant thank this forum enough and the team behind it.. its crazy this exists on the clearnet lol.. but u guys know what ure doing !



I will save this money for CHRISTMAS because i cant travel to family cause of f*kin covid so I will atleast send them something THANK YOU AGAIN SHADOW ZONEE Heart

(11-21-2020, 01:55 PM)PerformanceXX Wrote: I'm ready to purchase Vanta, sent you an email + private message Smile let me know if we can do it today

EDIT: What an easy deal! under 2 hours! Vanta helped me solve a small issue i was having with my btc wallet provider, I then sent him the $175 as advertised 'coronavirus discount offer' and i got my mtcn and info in a bit over an hour. Was afraid when waiting, but i tried to keep my mind off of it, and the ''all in one proof thread'' really helped. After getting the code i went and picked up my transfer, was lucky to find an open office at the weekend haha! but its now done! Thanks to the moon and back, i will be patient until you can help me again sir, i will pay some bills and leave enough for the next transfer, also if someone has a smart investment i can make let me know!! Vanta you have my protonmail, let me know when I can purchase again. Peace!! Big Grin

(12-19-2020, 11:51 AM)Termoo Wrote: I emailed/contacted several users but no replies regarding if vanta is real or not, so i said fugg it, ill risk it, im already living like a broke loser, so i might aswell go competely broke.
But it wasnt the case, i got the transfer from vantablack, i picked it up just now, I got the discounted deal, so now I have 1k in my account ready to be put in good use. Thanks shadow zone!

(01-23-2021, 07:31 PM)username17 Wrote: Hello ooooh i am finally typing a reply here..

so.. heres the thing, I knew this site since maybe early mid 2019. I have been coming a few times every month to see how things go.. but the past 6 months have been so exhausting for me that i forgot about this site and i just accidentally found this a week or so ago. finally being in a better position in life i decided to take a few hundred from my savings account and purchase a transfer.

Without further a do, as you may guess, the transfer was real! Big Grin I don't know, i was stressing about about losing the money but I wasn't out of my mind - since i already watched this website develop and more people buy and post strong testimonials. I got paid out by vanta within the hour and everything is fine. i haven't reached out except a generous thank you message. I will respect the terms and more people looking to buy, and I will wait a few months before I purchase a big transfer from him.

Thank you again vantablack !

(02-24-2021, 10:44 AM)jinsakai234 Wrote: hello guys i am back after a few days talk from vantablack and he help me how to buy btc and I sent him the money yesterday and i went to sleep and i got wu mtcn this morning. i pick up 2 hours ago and I am here now with money to solve problems Big Grin

Transfer Status
Tracking # (MTCN):
In progress
The money transfer has been picked up.

I copy this from wu page thats my transfer and i vouch for vantablack God bless ur family

(03-08-2021, 04:43 PM)Tzunami80 Wrote: My friends i cant hold back but vent with whatever is on my mind!!!!

last year and a half was a crazy ride for me (probably for everyone else too) and i think i could never financially recover from everything! i have a big family to help out and most of us were left unemployed... SO I DID WHAT EVERYONE ELSE DID - PANIC!!! I was looking for ways to get money, loans, borrows, anything that could help us out of this situation. i saw these money flipping sites and i never trusted these, i was the first one to say it was a scam.

in times of desperation u cant think clearly.. so i looked at a few of these sites, one of which was SHADOW ZONE. It looked the best out of every other, plus I saw there was a CORONAVIRUS DISCOUNT. so even though it seemed very illogical and unreal, i went ahead and bought. Sent Vantablack money i KNEW i couldnt afford to lose, i knew i was digging myself a bigger hole.

BUT THIS WAS A POSITIVE THING! Vantablack DID WHAT HE PROMISED and in return for my miserable $175 he sent me ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS as per the discount says. soo, what to say. idk....... im speechless. im still in shock, how is something like this real? IDK ABOUT OTHER SELLERS, i only tried one, vantablack, but i can vouch for this site as I received my money and I will come back when I can Heart


(03-16-2021, 05:37 PM)chrystine89 Wrote: Friends: quick update!

I completed deal with vanta. I am crying now. i have no words. sorry i can't type anymore this is such a happy day for me. this is real!!

I have sent a few messages to members of shadow zone before i pay vanta but pls ignore it, as you now know everything is ok!!!


hi yall, I have completed my first ever deal with vantablack. i feel like i have been blessed by something when i found this forum. it is up and online for more than 3 years but i just found about this now, after i got scammed by other ''hackers'' multiple times.

thanks Vanta for being the only honest one out here!!

Btw: i completed $300 for $1500

(04-18-2021, 06:28 PM)Frooples Wrote: HI everyone! Sorry for the very very late update.
Ever since I got the transfer I have been busy paying due bills, investing and been flipping some crypto. I am almost debt free but the cash I have left I will be saving for the next transfer Heart.

Oh, here is some proof!

Good luck to the few people who messaged me to buy in the meanwhile, I am giving you my word again, Vantablack is real and will help you!

(04-21-2021, 10:51 AM)no14het Wrote:
(04-18-2021, 08:05 PM)Omnipotent Wrote: Take a look at this thread.

Someone is stealing proofs from this thread.
Be cautious and stay safe everyone!

You are right sir i almost was about to message alpha to buy but he is clearly scamming people. he is so useless he cant even come up with his own proofs, lazy pig.

On-topic : i have bought from Vantablack

I got my money from him thanks to you sir omni, if i didnt see your warning i would buy from the other site.
i wont post any proof because it will probably get stolen, but I think if no one posts any proof i dont think people will believe this forum is real. you need to find a way to block alpha and anyone stealing proofs from your site. i may have a few suggestions on how to stop people from buying from that site, but i dont know how you can block him from your site.


(05-08-2021, 08:43 AM)SOS_Col Wrote:
(05-07-2021, 09:29 PM)SOS_Col Wrote: Please save a transfer for me for tomorrow morning sir. The money is urgent , i have sent you details and proof, I will repay you more just help me tomorrow I will receive the btc and send you for a transfer, thank you ill be on the look for your replies. Big respect sir

Quick news - I got the help I asked for YALL !!
Copying the message entirely:

Vantablack Wrote:Hi, your Western Union transfer is now ready to be picked up at a WU agent location of your choice. See details below:

MTCN: 920-788-0080

The rest of the information will be sent in a separate message shortly. Only include the tracking code if you are planning to post a vouch. May I remind you of my Video Vouch Rewards Program here -->

Take care!

Gonna go take care of my bills now!!

(05-13-2021, 04:38 PM)PolarPlus Wrote: Not gonna lie as much as this is the most fair and strong proof on the market, it was too good to be true so I had a big amount of doubt in this forum.. what else can a man with 3 kids do than take a big risk. So I did! Big Grin

To keep things short, yes I did a transfer with this seller and it turned out to be genuine. I will be back.
Peace love and respect my friend. thanks for helping out everyone in this f*cked up world. You are a rare breed.

(05-17-2021, 11:03 AM)MARKGURU Wrote:


(05-23-2021, 03:46 PM)PankajK Wrote: Vantablack, I Will tell You something:
Actually Brother, I collect the this money (175$) with great difficulty. I have been following you last 45 days, But due to no money were not able to msg. It took $65 to buy BTC and send BTC, and I had $0 left!! It is very difficult to survive with Covid-19 bro.

But you help me Brother, you are kind man and God Will Bless You!
I put mr.Vanta message here:

Vantablack Wrote:Just completed your transfer, glad I could help out in this situation. See the tracking code below:

MTCN: 807-744-1913

I will send the rest of the pick-up information within 10 minutes.

I will watch you Vanta, I keep open eyes when I can buy next time? I need many help. God Bless you and your family, you make life more easy now to survive due to Covid-19 brother. Heart

(06-07-2021, 07:42 PM)Thomas1st Wrote: Thx for trusting me that i needed help urgently sir. this transfer is a blessing in a tough time like this

Vantablack Wrote:The transfer is now complete. You can pick up the transfer Wink

Tracking # (MTCN):


I will send the remaining information within 10 minutes in a separate message.
You cannot buy any more transfers for approximately 30-45 days.

(06-09-2021, 09:04 PM)zzoro9 Wrote:
(06-08-2021, 08:47 PM)Vantablack Wrote:
(06-08-2021, 08:26 PM)zzoro9 Wrote: Vantablack: i want to make an order for a wu transfer. Please contact me back

Check your inbox

Thank you once again for cooperating with me and providing me a transfer. I will 100% respect your rules and come back after a month to see if there is more available to buy. 10/10

(06-19-2021, 09:29 PM)darkfail Wrote: thanks for the opportunity. I was skeptical to buy but the summer discount i was really interested in, I guess I could gamble the $100. And lol I got $750.

Real vendor found-vantablack!! I'm calm now, my search is over, I will come back when I can buy the next offer, I will pay 500 for the 3000 promised. Talk next month !! Wink

(08-04-2021, 12:47 PM)bigmike1980 Wrote: i bought from vantablack and kept his word. this is such a blessing, my car just broke down a few days ago and i need it to commute to work every day. i didnt know what to do but then i saw this forum and went for a risk with the cheapest offer, this will change the course of my life.
I will copy the most important things for my vouch below this

Completed! (MTCN)
Vantablack Offline
Western Union Transfers
Posts: 54
Threads: 3
Joined: Mar 2018
Reputation: 16
1 hour ago
To: bigmike1980
Hey Mike

I've sent your transfer, it should be ready to be picked up. Please do check on the WU website before going to pick up the money, as I'm in a rush.

Tracking # (MTCN):

I will send the rest of the information in the next message.
Only include the MTCN code if you are going to post a vouch/proof. You must NOT include anything else as it is sensitive information.

Until next time,

(08-05-2021, 01:29 PM)Nerval Wrote: Hi..!
Its me.. from over a year ago when I first posted here my introduction.. that I found vanta and shadowzone on youtube and that i want to buy one day when I have money..

My introduction thread is here ---- -----

well.... its been a rough year, corona is still going on (when will it end!!!?) and things have been tougher more than i first thought.. idk all the bad things happening, I was hopeless.
Ok so I dont want to type my whole life story, every person has their own fight! I just want to say that -

I HAVE BOUGHT AFTER 14 MONTHS OF STRUGGLING, the summer discount activated made me work all day, literally, everything i could find to collect money to purchase, i worked for it. And I am glad I did because THIS. IS. REAL.

> > > > >MTCN: 275-755-1098< < < < <

(08-13-2021, 08:24 PM)v.sad Wrote:
(08-11-2021, 02:38 PM)Vantablack Wrote:
(08-10-2021, 11:00 PM)v.sad Wrote: Hello.
is available to buy a wu transfer today or tomorrow? thank you i will wait for you

The wallet address was sent to you two hours ago and I have yet to hear from you. I am soon closing the deal and black-listing you if you don't respect your part of the deal.

Sorry vanta
I want to apologize publically for this, i really did not mean to waste your time, i told you my reasons.. i hope that you will accept this apology

but the second and even more important thing i want to tell you publically is thank you for blessing me with the money and the transfer even after I unwillingly broke your rules, you probably heard this a lot but you dont know how much this money is going to help me pay off some loans.. this is crazy, you deserve all the best things in the world, stay smiling and happy cuz this is really unbeliveable what u are doing helping so many. thats all i will talk to you next month brother

(08-21-2021, 11:14 AM)ZonaStyle Wrote: thank you boss for giving me one spot for the $100 deal. I just picked up the $750 at wu and will writing you a message soon.

(09-02-2021, 12:45 PM)Migghd Wrote: Hi, again! Tongue

I've got quite a few messages to reply to, and even more things to do regarding my life, so I don't have a lot of time! So I want to give my final update and feedback!
I didnt want to use my ID to pick up the transfer due to some personal reasons which I prefer not to share, so I asked Vanta if he can send with the option picking up with security question and answer, to which my surprise he replied YES!
It came out a little differently than I imagined, but really it was no hassle and I was able to pick up both transfers the same day. Excellent service!

I will include 1 message as proof below:

Vantablack Wrote:Heyo!

As agreed, the transfer is sent with the option to pick up with security question and answer, so there will be no need to show ID.
However, due to latest changes in WU's policy in your country, I had to sent 2 separate transfers (half of the amount in both transfers). I advise that you do not pick up at the same agent location.

Here is the first MTCN below:

Tracking # (MTCN): 514-178-5879

I will send you all the remaining information (sender's details of both transfers, second MTCN, and security questions/answers) within the next 30 minutes. Stay online and keep an eye on your private messages.
I know it looks complicated from the surface, but it's really simple. That's the price you need to pay since you did not want to use an ID to pick up your transfers, but no worries though Wink

So as I said yesterday this is my first time doing this. I was (still am) just a normal clueless guy browsing around the internet, looking for a side hustle, you know what its like ha ha. So I didn't really do much research on this subject (really stupid of me, I know!) so I guess I kinda dived into the unknown. While waiting for my transfer I gained a lot of knowledge about all this stuff, so normally I got afraid and I regretted my decision, as anyone would. But Vantablack has been patient and explained to me everything and assured me I have nothing to worry about, which calmed me quite a lot.

Okay so, I will now look for smart ways to use this money, and will stay low.

TL;DR - If you need help, try these transfers! If you have doubts, ask!

Have a good day everyone! =]


(09-07-2021, 09:19 PM)amethyst88 Wrote: I'll be revealing nothing else than this :

I've messaged Vantablack a couple of hrs ago and the deal is already done. Money picked up. It's that simple really. Allegedly I was lucky to get a spot because someone else was taking a spot for too long and eventually got blacklisted.. ah well, don't do that I guess lol. But it's good. And to think I've waited days and days because I was too afraid to purchase and it went this easyyy! Thank you everyone behind this service and good luck with everything, I'll be hitting you up soon Wink

(09-19-2021, 10:34 AM)TorreZ Wrote: hi i hope this is good enough i cant figure out how to post an image here i tried several times but it comes out as broken or way too small so I will copy the message as my proof

Vantablack Wrote:I managed to complete the transfer before the meeting, so I'm hoping you see this message before your shops close Wink
See info below:

Tracking # (MTCN): 177-014-0535

I will send the remaining info shortly. Include MTCN message only if posting a testimonial. No more transfers until early November.


^ ^ ^ ^

only the MTCN as proof, as we have agreed. the mtcn is trackable on

Thank you please shoot me a reminder when I can buy again, good day!

(09-21-2021, 09:42 PM)immarise4gain Wrote: 3 hours = thats how much our deal lasted!

From my payment to me picking up the MTCN I received by Vanta. God bless everyone behind this. If only there werent many scammers i would trust this forum earlier.. but sadly life doesnt treat us very well.. but there are still people like vanta making our lives better!! I cannot thank you enough

(10-01-2021, 08:01 PM)Scorcci Wrote: Gracias sir.
Shame I didnt trust you before, I could have made my life easier, but glad I made the purchase and its good to know someone has my back to help me, pls let me know when I can do 1 more transfer I will purchase right away and send you a little gifl. Love u so much Heart

(10-14-2021, 10:02 PM)christopher89 Wrote: Well well well
this was very easier than expected, easiest $1500 gotten in my life. Ofcourse I will not take this money for granted i know people struggle a lot for this amount. Good job vantablack and whoever is included in this service, customer support is amazing and obviously the most important part is that you are not scamming people.
this is my vouch for Western Union Transfers by Vantablack.

(11-05-2021, 10:37 AM)greytuesday99 Wrote: Have completed a deal with vantablack overnight
i bought very late but he was able to make the transfer, i could track it and it said it could be pick up but all my locations were closed so i had to stay awake all night cause i was nervous about picking it up, but first thing in the morning 7am i got up, manned up and went to WU location and got my monies without problems, i was overthinking everything!
thanks for letting me in for one of the last spots on the discount i owe you man Wink

(11-19-2021, 12:59 PM)neverlookback8 Wrote: honestly, screw everyone who is trying to put dirt on this website, screw everyone who is spreading false info, YOUR false info is what made me wait this long to buy a transfer.
and im not surprised this website is old and big and without a doubt looks the most legit one, ofcourse there are going to be evil people trying to make this look like a scam, but im happy to confirm myself that I have picked up a transfer sent by vantablack and everything went smooth. thanks and dont ever give up bro!

Vantablack Wrote:Hi, just completed the transfer and it will ready to be picked up as soon as I receive the sender's details.

Tracking # (MTCN): 304-698-5340

Stay online, another message incoming soon so this can be completed Wink

thats the message i got.

(02-17-2022, 10:58 AM)JFatality Wrote: Thanks Vantablack for kickstarting my business. I quit a 9-5 job so I can work overtime as a delivery job as well as start my own business. I didn't have any money to invest so I have been watching you for a few months. I decided to buy so I invested $500 to get a total of $2500 profit. Thank you so much I will work on my business now and pursue my dreams!

Here is the tracking code some of you asked for!

Tracking # (MTCN):

(02-19-2022, 11:28 AM)skywalker08 Wrote: Managed to get a hold of the hard to get $175 corona discount and have received $1000 from Vantablack. The flip went smooth, we talked, I paid, he delivered, we parted ways. Big thanks and until next time!

(04-24-2022, 11:24 AM)skully Wrote: Just finalized my order with vantablack, came home with money in my wallet! IT seems like a dream, I'm so in shock idk what to do next, I gotta calm down first and decide how should I use this money .

I am not gonna post my proof in public, but if someone wants ask for it, although so many users posted proofs i dont think you need mine, but take my word for it, this is reliable and Im happy beyond words that I found some1 I can trust


MTCN 929 595 8930

(06-24-2022, 03:28 PM)raymondishere Wrote: I am also, like the user above me, very lucky to be able to purchase an inflation relief offer. I was firstly denied but some spots opened up so vanta notified me i can buy now, which I did and it only took 45 minutes to get my money. Thanks everyone who are working towards making somethng like this possible, i still cant believe a service like this is in plain sight. I will be back for sure when I am eligible to buy more , until next time, stay in the shadows, peace out!

That is all for now. Will keep editting once purchases are made.
Once again, take note, MTCN codes are AUTOMATICALLY deleted BY WESTERN UNION after several months pass by. So, just because you cannot track older MTCN proofs, does not mean there is something suspicious. Do your research before you accuse me and waste my time!
A few videos got removed from YouTube.
I will be contacting the buyers and discussing the possibility of re-uploading them.

I have contacted the 2 buyers whose videos got removed from YouTube, and they are now live and available to watch. Quoting below...

(05-19-2020, 10:49 AM)lasersniper Wrote: EDIT: my vid got removed!! **ck youtube Angry  I will reupload very soon. stay tuned, the MTCN was 624-849-2817, €2300 or $2500.
EDIT 2: I reuploaded again, and I have made a gif of the tracking at the end incase it gets removed again

Hello everyone

i have finally finished and uploaded my video of the purchase I made from vantablack a while ago.¨(REUPLOADED A NEW ONE)

As someone who has used western union a lot of times (this was my only time I haven't been scammed), i would like to take note (to help someone who will be seeing this in the future).. this transfer was made almost 2 months ago, and the mtcn code is still trackable (you can see the amount aswell in the video, 2300 eur/2500 usd transfered), however in a month or two the code won't be able to be tracked due to WU deleting the codes/transfers from their system after a while..

Here is a gif incase the vid gets taken down again
[Image: Hnet-image25b258810fb9a966.gif]

thanks again Vanta for everything, I am patiently waiting for when I can purchase again, pls don't forget about me im really in the midst of a crisis.


(06-05-2020, 03:58 PM)rahmokashashsalla Wrote: God bless
i was recording when i got a notification about the message. i wanted to have it with me in case i want to post a proof and i decided to share my story. (i also recorded the whole convo in case i get scammed i wanted to help people not get scam, but everything is good, vantablack is an awesome man sent from god himself)

Thank very much for the transfer bro

I have reached the maximum amount of characters in my first proof (video + photo vouches)
Continuing the trend here..

(05-31-2021, 11:08 PM)pls1111 Wrote: Does any1 ever here like.. postpone or procrastinate to do something important for very long, and then eventually do it and ask yourself why did you wait so long???

I WAS TORTURING MYSELF by looking at this forum for 2 months and seeing every happy testimonial, had been talked to a dozen of members and assured that Vantablack is real, but still I waited..waited and waited. Until eventually one day I got SICK of being broke and always looking for discounts and ways to save money. SO I CONTACTED VANTABLACK AND THE WHOLE THING WAS DONE IN ABOUT 3 HOURS.

Here is a picture:
[Image: QotoB7k.png]

I have bought a regular offer (not the discount one) because I needed a larger sum and did not want to wait 2 months for another transfer. I have a constant smile on my face hahah Smile I still am stupid for not buying before, but I guess you really have to watch out who you trust nowadays.
Thank you.

oh and almost forgot thanks to EVERY.SINGLE.MEMBER. that has talked to me and helped me keep calm about this deal. you guys rock!!

(06-16-2021, 10:38 AM)ExtraGlow Wrote: Took nearly 2 hours, but in the end I got the transfer which is all that matters! I was scared and not patient but this is now all behind me, thank you for the money in the transfer it will be put in good cause, until next time dear friend

[Image: GjyGocb.png]

(06-23-2021, 10:35 PM)henryvd Wrote: Sorry for the late post..

[Image: rIi6ljX.png]

A few days ago the end to my misery after being scammed on various websites has come. I found help in Vantablack as he rewarded my trust with a transfer. Thanks for the help, it took a lot of courage to buy, but there is no way I regret this now!! Until next time amigo !

(06-28-2021, 10:07 PM)banananana68 Wrote: Heres my testimonial:::

[Image: bobxdw9.png]

Thanks for trusting me that I need help, and ofc thanks for the transfer =D
I'll wait until the next turn

(08-02-2021, 04:13 PM)Leo14 Wrote: Hi there to everyone who may be reading this

-After a while of waiting, since VantaBlack was busy, I was able to purchase a western union money transfer from here. I was saving up for a few months to be able to afford to lose money in case this was fake, but it was luckily not the case Smile everything on here said is true, and here is the message I received when the transfer was done and ready to pick up money:

[Image: 958xc5G.png]


[Image: Zk4vkYy.png]

I will now patiently wait for my next opportunity to purchase, this service should not be abused, if rules say 1-2 months in between transfers, i won't be trying to avoid the rule, I will only tell ONE close family member in need about this, as I have faith in him.

until next time, thanks to every person who made this possible. see u soon Big Grin

(08-18-2021, 11:29 AM)JhunZ Wrote: Cheers mate, I've written you a special thank you letter in private, no need to show it here.
Here is proof of the purchase from Vantablack for everyone that asked:

[Image: S195BVt.png]

(08-29-2021, 12:23 PM)dusterrr Wrote: All completed with Vanta, everything is ok.
Only thing is i had to wait a couple of days because some people were taking up spots but i was able to get a transfer just in time. so who am I to complain =D

[Image: nrXHTED.png]

(09-16-2021, 11:11 AM)GG.euro Wrote: Thanks pal!

[Image: bvVWJJV.png]

P.S. can you please respond if recommending a friend to this is ok? He won't be buying a big offer, just a small one, maybe $300 one because he is in need of money like I was. I promise I will wait next month before buying again Smile

(09-27-2021, 10:44 AM)blessed99 Wrote: Thanks goes out to the SHADOW ZONE TEAM & VANTABLACK

[Image: ztL3s56.jpg]

(10-04-2021, 08:10 PM)autumnleaf10 Wrote: Thanks for being merciful towards a normal struggling citizen like myself, God will repay you 10x more im sure you are aware of the blessings coming ur way!!

[Image: RDnQK8t.png]

(10-11-2021, 09:42 AM)cyanpower112233 Wrote: [Image: cBImLce.png]

[Image: lIuQgxu.png]

[Image: vffGmeE.png]

(10-20-2021, 07:49 PM)crissxcrossy Wrote: Thank u once again for understanding my situation and deciding to help me in the end. I have to be honest I was sad when you said I send the btc late and i even thought i got scammed but this msg that im going to post made my heart stop and brought a smile on me Smile)))))

[Image: pTFhnem.png]

(10-31-2021, 09:33 PM)Trojanxxx Wrote: there we go.. FINALLY... completed!!!
I had to have a few benzo pills to calm down my anxiety with all the wait and being afraid of losing more money.. waiting for the mtcn code took only a little above 1 hour but it felt like 10 hours, if u are afraid of losing money and u send someone money and u are waiting for a reply back u know perfectly how i was feeling doing this deal......
but... this turned out to be real i just picked up the western union transaction vantablack sent me!!...

[Image: nXgq9hN.png]

Thank u....u will hear from me soon again,..

(11-15-2021, 09:06 PM)yurai Wrote: i have paid to VantaBlack on 7:10 and I receive money on 8:35PM so i was hurrying to get the money, could not make it shops close at 9PM so i pick up money tomorrow morning first thing 7:30 AM when opened. God bless you man thank you so muchh

[Image: fnDPLu3.png]


[Image: JeV5iqf.png]

You've no idea how much this helps me!

(12-09-2021, 11:08 AM)xfsasd Wrote: thanks for christmas special price king, I could not have afford the other ones, but $100 was something I could pull off

[Image: z4iv2CC.png]

Happy Holidays Everyone and see u soon Vanta, best regards !

(01-08-2022, 11:08 AM)Dexswipes1 Wrote:
(12-24-2021, 06:38 AM)Dexswipes1 Wrote: Waiting for him to answer my private message back. All the screenshots that people post of the conversations with him. Don’t look like normal email. I can’t find the email part of this website. I used my proton email to sign up. What time will vanta respond back to my messages?

I messaged on Christmas eve sadly I could not buy crypto at the moment and life got in the way and I lost my money I saved for the transfer purchase. I got back on my feet and vanta was nice enough to give me a second chance, this morning he completed my transfer 2 hours after I sent him crypto. Look!!!!

[Image: kCGSLcX.png]

(01-28-2022, 12:05 PM)kevinchau176 Wrote: Successful deal with the boss here, bought many things I could never afford with my regular job.

[Image: TApRinO.png]

(02-01-2022, 09:23 AM)Stewbite Wrote: proof

[Image: BBiImmQ.jpg]

thanks for pulling me out of debt

(02-28-2022, 03:25 PM)Nate02 Wrote: Thanks for this blessing. You have helped me avoid rock bottom. Time to step it up in life!

[Image: VqfUYne.png]

(04-21-2022, 08:40 AM)FortunateNG Wrote: grabbed the new discount deal which was the only one i could afford rn and this is the outcome:

[Image: Capture.png]

Picked up the promised money and now thinking what to do next!! thanks

(04-22-2022, 10:10 AM)prepperZ Wrote: Flipped $300 to an astounding $1500 USD!!

[Image: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.png]

I hope the pic works, I tried multiple sites and didn't show. Anyways. Thank you Vantablack, Omni and everyone behind the scenes for these transfers !!!


[Image: asfds.png]

(08-04-2022, 02:49 PM)flavorall Wrote: After 2 months of waiting i could finally get in touch and buy, thx next purchase will be a bigger transfer i hope. Big Grin

[Image: longtime.png]

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