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Will you get vaccinated?
I really don't know what to think at this point. There are a lot of theories and I wanna hear your opinions.
Most likely not, at least not for now. It was developed way too fast to be safe. Will wait quite a while. However if I am unable to work/travel due to not being vaccinated, well then fuck... lol
I'm not a priority here, I started my own business, so I'm working from home, strong immune system, fairly young, so I'm probably gonna wait atleast 6-12 months before deciding. If I don't have to, I will not get it Smile

Also I hope you are all staying safe Big Grin
Old thread, but i feel like this should be a hotter topic.
Just got my second jab today, first one I have had a few smaller reactions but watching other people, the second should be more severe so I am a bit nervous. Just gonna chill at home for a few days

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